Festival Experience

Festival Experience provides professional technical event management services. We can change your own garden into a festival party. Or maybe add a festival party to your weekend camping with friends.

At Festival Experience we cover

  • Sound systems
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • Power

With a broad experience of working on festival sites.

We specialise in supplying and managing everything you need to turn a field in to a festival.

We understand that each event is unique. And we always follow the steps as shown below, in creating your magical festival experience.

Steps in creating your festival

  1. Tell us what type of festival you require, if you are not sure, we can come up with some ideas from our experience.
  2. Select the friends you want to invite, and we can help with templates.
  3. Have you thought about crowdfunding your festival? Our team can organise that and manage it.
  4. We arrange the infrastructure, and the entertainment needed, as per the plan.
  5. We manage all the installations, and we make the festival magic happen.
  6. And finally, after the event, we stay and clear the site, and make sure everything is back to normal.

With our friendly and experienced crew, and with our professional quality equipment. We will ensure everything runs smoothly. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your party.

We are currently taking bookings for Summer 2023.

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