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About Us, the Co-Founders of Borrow my Garden

Co-founders Claire Lee & Jo Hailey

Here is a little bit about us the Co-Founders of Borrow my Garden.

Claire Lee is the CEO of Venue Queen Limited. They source venues free of charge for clients.

Claire also helps independent venues maximise revenue, with a consultancy service.

Jo Hailey is the CEO of Striking Places Photography Limited. Jo is a professional photographer, who is most renowned for her work with Westminster Abbey. As a Google Trusted Photographer, she has created amazing 3D virtual tours. Which showcase location-based businesses and help estate agents sell houses.

This dynamic duo first met through networking in Hertfordshire in June 2016. Shortly after meeting Jo committed to raising money for a charity by trekking to Machu Picchu. To raise awareness and donations Jo decided to host a charity ball. Claire Lee, the Venue Queen, was the perfect person to help make this event, not only happen, but be a resounding success.

These entrepreneurial ladies have worked on numerous projects together over the years. A couple of recent projects highlighted the need for Borrow my Garden.

These projects led to Borrow my Garden which is their biggest project to date. The predictions were right and the website is now attracting over 17,000 unique visitors per month.

During these hard time people have been longing for time outside in the safe open air. Borrow my Garden has been a key player in helping these low-key events happen and has had considerable national press coverage.

How it all began

Borrow My Garden Ltd, was founded in 2019, from an idea born from a couple of collaborative projects between, Claire and Jo.

It became clear there was a gap in the market for landowners who want to use their land for events. The continuing trend for festival style functions means there’s a lot of people searching for outside event spaces.

When people are looking to run or host weddings, corporate events or festivals, a sizeable piece of land is required. These locations can be anywhere in the country. People are looking for beautifully landscaped gardens, to farmers rugged fields, to glamping sites for those that want to stay on for the full nighttime experience.

How they describe their vision:

“We want everyone who is looking for an area of land across the UK, to have one place to come along and connect and meet their own special landowner.  Borrow my Garden is a matchmaking site for anyone looking for an outdoor event, festival or corporate event or team build.”

With Claire’s event expertise and Jo’s handle on gorgeous imagery, they’ve come together to make life easier for you finding your very own outside event venue and suppliers.

Now you know a bit about us, the co-founders of Borrow my Garden, why not search our website of ever increasing outside event spaces and start planning your outside event.

Jo Smiley Hailey
Jo Hailey
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