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Search Borrow my Garden listings to find the best festival event land or outside space for your event.

Bring the feeling of a music festival to your own private event for your friends, families or colleagues, for one of the most memorable private festival events.

Create your own wonderland of bunting and barbecues, or book your favourite band to help deliver the exact feel for your event.

Types of Festival Event Spaces

There are a myriad of different types of festival events across the UK. Events such as country fairs, family fun days, classic cars shows, hobbies and food events can be found countrywide. Whatever kind of event you are running Borrow my Garden can help find the perfect festival site for you.

Range of Festival Event Spaces

Borrow my Garden has a large range of festival event spaces including fields and gardens to hire for you to choose from. We can help you find the perfect festival venue to suit your needs and requirements, in order to execute the finest celebration. Use our search function to find the perfect festival land to hire in the area and radius of your choice.

With so many festivals aimed at different demographics and requirements, where do you start with trying to find the right location for your festival? We can help and have all the suppliers you could need for a successful event. Will you need a hog-roast, a dirty vegan buffet or an open air paella? Will you be camping on-site and including singing around the campfire. So many options and all available by searching here.

Borrow My Garden allows you to narrow your needs down to help fulfil your requirements, and find the perfect festival fields and suppliers local to you.

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