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Glamping and camping is all about staycations and holistays at the moment. Firstly, twenty-twenty saw the tip of this exciting new holidaying concept.  And now, Twenty-twenty-one is fast becoming another hot staycations year, micro-camping and micro-glamping are the new buzz words!  How exciting to be here in the midst of it all!  Looking for somewhere to stay on your own without seeing other people, our landowners may just have the answer for you!

Why not rent a field all to yourself, no sharing with anyone else, sounds anti social, doesn’t it?  However, at the moment it is the best way to stay safe. Covid-19 safe.

As a result of the shift in demand, our landowners have stepped up to the mark and have on offer; woodlands, forests, fields, gardens for instance.  You can bring our own and take it on as wild camping or you can have bell tents there when you arrive – what’s not to love!

Rent a field, or a private garden, or maybe an idyllic woodland wonderland to host your next camping or glamping event, or take over campsites that become yours for the weekend, not just the day. Most importantly, these choices help to make your mini holiday feel as special as it should.

Finally, relaxing and restoring in the outdoor space, that’s what being in the great outdoors is all about. So, chill-out and let Borrow my Garden find you the perfect glamping field or campsite for your next short break in the fresh air.

Don’t worry if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Luckily, we have experts on hand. Use the chat facility to message us and talk to us about your plans. We’d be delighted to see if we can find the perfect space for you.

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