How to find the perfect outdoor event venue

Find the perfect outdoor event venue

This guide, about how to find the perfect outdoor event venue, is so important whether you’ve got a wedding, birthday party or big team-building event coming up.

Where you hold your shindig is as important as the food and the entertainment. So, you’re forgiven for feeling the pressure to get it right.

Fear not, whether it’s a tropical-themed beach party, medieval banquet, complete with axe throwing (yes, that’s a thing!), boho wedding extravaganza or a relaxed countryside retreat, there’s a venue for you.

outdoor event activity

Think about the atmosphere!

outdoor event venue

When considering looking for your perfect outdoor event venue, think about the atmosphere you want to create.

The atmosphere will be different if you have a group of students coming for a wild afternoon versus a team of colleagues getting together for an annual fun day.

And you’re most likely going to want somewhere and something entirely different when you’re organising a family event for granny.

The good news though, is there’s plenty of variety, from castles and hotels to manicured gardens, racecourses and football grounds.

Location, location, location

Location is all-important. But, if travelling isn’t important then London is always a great shout, it’s a central spot for everyone and easily accessible by train for a lot of people.

Even better, put on a coach so no one has to think about jumping in the car or worry about transport.

Event organisers Eventurous are experienced in putting on some great events in the city (treasure hunt around the capital anyone?).

Manchester also has some great outdoor spots, or how about heading to Shakespeare’s country of Warwickshire which has a host of gorgeous castles and hotels just brimming with outdoor space?

London also has outside event venues

The ultimate all-rounder

If you’re looking for the ultimate all-rounder with loads of room, where you can make as much noise as you want and probably views for miles, you can’t beat a barn conversion or farm.

Farms and barns can be perfect for weddings and big events, there can also be fields to pitch tents, roll up food trucks and set your own scene.

If you’re looking to create your own festival vibe this is the perfect place to do it. Or hold outdoor team building events like motor-sport days, a soap box derby or Olympic games. These activities are guaranteed to get everyone working and laughing together.  

Countryside pursuits

If you’re looking for or charged with organising something countryside pursuits there are other things to think about.

If you’re organising a big team-building day or weekend, for example, and want to fit in something for everyone then why not hire a hotel with loads of outdoor space?

Let your groups try their hands at archery or grab some goggles, pull on some tweed and have a go at clay pigeon shooting.

If you’d rather be at one with nature then falconry is always a hit and something to be remembered.

In Warwickshire, there’s a host of gorgeous hotels with acres of outdoor space. There are many examples of outside event spaces. By using the Borrow my Garden search facility you can find exactly the right spot for your event.

There are even historic venues with space for conferences if you want to make a few days of it.

If you need more outside space you’ll find plenty of options with fields, woods and rolling hills.

and arm and hands holding a bow and arrow aimed at a target

Glorious castles

hever castle

Castles! Glorious, fairytale, castles!

A wedding fit for a queen?

Or a team-building event for some battle-ready knights?

Castles tick a number of boxes when it comes to great venues, and even better news they usually do a great feast or banquet too.

Choosing a castle as a venue is a real way to ensure your guests can go all out. Whether they’re getting dressed up for a wedding, and what’s more glam than a historic castle dripping in burgundy and gold? or getting into character for a fun-filled soirée.

If you’re working with event organisers why not also include axe throwing sessions, learning a war cry or even building a catapult. Obviously, you need to run a competition for the best-dressed knight or princess too.

Check out Hever Castle for example..

Just beachy!

Just peachy on the beachy!

Does anything beat the feeling of the sand between your toes?

Hold your event on the beach for a day filled with sand, sea and (hopefully) sun.

Get in touch with event organisers to bring the fun to you with inflatable courses, like It’s a Knockout, which is guaranteed to get everyone laughing and involved.

Clearly, a sandcastle or sand sculpture competition is obligatory!

someone's sandy toes with the beach and sea and cloudy sky in the backgound


Man in a colourful mainly yellow shirt laughing with his hands in the air surrounded by people sitting in chairs around a white table suspended high in the air

Literally, sky-high with extreme dining.

Think you’ve seen London from every angle?

For your event try seeing the big smoke from a new perspective and have dinner while suspended 100ft in the air.

Whether you’re looking to entertain a group of clients or want to treat your team or family. Did you know you can hire out the full London In The Sky table? Here you can enjoy fantastic food and cocktails.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime treat no one will forget at a quirky venue in Greenwich.

Off to the races

How many of your peers are going to love a day or night at the races?

Place your bets now, I bet it’s all of them.

There are racecourses up and down the country and organisers can plan the event for you including hosting, taking bets and running the show.

It’s a great way for those who want to really go all out and get dressed up for a treat with colleagues.

Where’s my hat?!

You may be surprised to know that racecourses also hire out their land for other events.

For example, have a look at what Newbury Racecourse has to offer.

Buildings, carousel and picnic tables with parasols


Front of Emirates Old Trafford building
Emirates Old Trafford

Let’s not leave out sports fans, there are quite a few sport-mad supporters here in the UK.

You may not consider sports grounds or stadiums as a perfect outdoor event venue, however, they have a lot to offer for the right event.

Especially, if you have a few sports fans to please. But even if you have a massive group to cater for.

A stadium could be your best option. Sports grounds are also a great choice because there are so many throughout the land. Good luck picking a team! Wearing your favourite kit is optional 😉

Did you know you can even hire the car park at The Emirates Old Trafford?!

Final thoughts

A few final thoughts. I hope we’ve given you some inspiration to help find your perfect outdoor event venue.

However, if you’re looking for help organising an event don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Eventurous. It’s what we do every day, and have done for more than 30 years.

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