Drift Limits – The London Motorsport Academy

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of England, Drift Limits stands out as a versatile hub for events that break away from the norm. Imagine hosting a lively funfair, an engaging car show, or a romantic wedding, all against the backdrop of our picturesque venue.

Visualise the vibrant colours of a funfair, with laughter and excitement filling the air. Drift Limits becomes a playground for enjoyable experiences. Where your event planning prowess ensures that every aspect, from fairground rides to food stalls. Seamlessly contributing to an atmosphere of fun and festivity. The outdoor space transforms into a versatile playground, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in the laid back charm.

The car shows at Drift Limits are more than just exhibits. They are showcases of automotive excellence, and set against the beauty of nature. The open air setting becomes an automotive haven. Inviting enthusiasts and casual visitors alike to appreciate the beauty of finely tuned machines. With space for thousands of cars to be parked on top of the car show space itself.

Filming at Drift Limits is a cinematic adventure waiting to happen. The outdoor expanses offer a unique canvas for setting up props and rigs not usually possible within a studio. Turning the venue into a dynamic film set.


And then, there are weddings. The epitome of romance and celebration. Drift Limits transforms into a dreamy setting for couples looking to exchange vows amidst nature’s charm. Or those looking to embrace the motorsport aspect of our venue. The outdoor spaces become enchanting settings for ceremonies and receptions. Where love is celebrated against the backdrop of our scenic venue. But also include our supercars and sports cars. Assisting the bride and groom with arriving in style.

In essence, Drift Limits isn’t just a venue. It is a canvas for a variety of outdoor events funfairs, car shows, filming extravaganzas, and dreamy weddings. Drift Limits is a premium choice for those seeking an extraordinary outdoor experience.

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