Striking Places Photography

Striking Places Photography is a UK based, award winning, photographic company. The photographers provide amazing quality imagery across a wide range of sectors. We’re closely linked with Borrow my Garden.

Borrow my Garden

You might wonder how Striking Places Photography is linked with Borrow my Garden.

Striking Places Photography is owned and run by Jo Hailey one of the co-founders of Borrow my Garden. As such, Jo is often found helping Borrow my Garden landowners by providing great imagery of their outside setting.

Striking Places Photography is partnered with Borrow my Garden. We bring listings to life with visually appealing photos and videos that draw the attention of the viewer to landowner listings.

Holnest Holidays

Jo loves to travel and can often be seen posting to social media platforms from across the UK and beyond.

To see some Borrow my Garden examples of Jo’s photography take a look at Holnest Holidays Outside Events listing which is located in Devon.

Manor house or farmer’s field

Whether you have a residential garden, a country manor with hundreds of acres of land or simply a farmer’s field. Whichever outside space you’re promoting will benefit from eye-catching stunning imagery. It will also ensure people have an accurate idea of the space they’ll expect to see when they visit in person. Which in turn increases interest, click throughs and enquiries.

Google accredited

Jo is proud to be accredited by Google, since 2012, to extend Street View inside. As part of this accreditation, Striking Places can also add to Google Street View. This service provides virtual access to your ‘garden’. In turn, this helps people see how to access your site and familiarise themselves with the surroundings. At a glance, people will be able to work out what they need to bring and what is already provided on-site. Consequently, there will be more interest in your outside venue.

Get found more easily

Firstly, give yourself and your land or garden a better chance of being chosen for an outside event by having Google Street View. Secondly, your outside event venue will get found on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Search. Thirdly, this means being found more easily. And you’ll be able to embed your Google Street View in your Borrow my Garden listing. Because of this people will be able to walk around your outside venue virtually to help them make their buying decision more quickly and with greater confidence. Thus providing you with more booking enquiries.

Event photography

Private festival for a hen party weekend in a field.


We also provide event photography to create memories of the unique events that take place in gardens across the UK.

Whether you’re having a private festival for a hen weekend or a corporate team-building event. Call us to capture the event to save the moments of precious memories or marketing collateral.

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