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Hello, I’m Janice O’Neill, celebrant for weddings, funerals and any other landmark event in your life, Wedding and Funeral Celebrant-Holding Your Hand. These are unique events, and you want them to be special, different — not just something out of a cookie cutter.

Why choose Holding Your Hand?

It’s my passion to make your event one of a kind, tailored especially to you. I put a lot of effort into finding out what you want, but I don’t leave it there. As a naturally creative person, I’ll come up with ideas you might not have thought of. It’ll be your decision, of course — I just expand what you already know you want into what could be.

And I’ll make the event itself dynamic, moving and fun, as appropriate. I love public speaking, and your event will be full of life, whether joyful or a more solemn celebration.

I haven’t always done this. In an extremely varied career, I’ve been a cookery demonstrator, a paramedic, a property and facilities manager, a charity fundraiser and a networker.

Why am I a Celebrant?

I believe, though, my present role is the one I was born for. I’m a make-it-happen person, focused on solutions, not problems, and I love putting people together.

So, if you have a wedding or funeral coming up and you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons, get in touch with me. I’ll go the extra mile to make sure you have a day to remember.

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