Green Heart Venue

Green Heart Venue is a beautiful and peaceful off-grid activity & camping space in between Frome and Glastonbury. With amazing spectacular views in a rural setting.


Our location is perfect for,

  • Camping Holidays
  • Corporate away days
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Weddings
  • Educational Activities 

However, we do not permit amplified music on site, and we are suitable for groups of up to 45 people.

Facilities at Green Heart Space

The facilities at Green Heart Space include a wooden cabin. This comes fully equipped with a camp kitchen, including a gas stove, mains water, and lots of area for either dining or relaxing.

Outside we have a fire-pit amphitheatre, several outdoor seating areas, a swing bench, pergola and hammocks. We also have flushing toilets and a hot shower.

Nearby there is also a wooded stream for exploring, and 20 acres of wood pasture also available.

There is an abundance of wildlife that thrives in the area.

Birds include buzzards, sparrow hawks, lesser spotted woodpeckers, tawny and barn owls, as well as finches, great tits, crows, rooks and swallows.

We also see wild deer, hares, rabbits, foxes and plenty of badger setts, as well as a plethora of insects, butterflies and moths.

Overnight camping is available on site.

Full day hire: £140

Overnight camping: £80

These prices are to hire the space for up to 10 people.

Extra £15 per extra person per day. Kids 12 and under go free.

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