Haydon’s Hideaway

Nestled in a wooded dell lies Haydon’s Hideaway! The perfect retreat for camping, with the benefit of a lodge (for those who prefer to sleep slightly further away from the ground).

We can arrange an off road 4×4 to take your belongings down to leave you in total tranquility. The land, designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With abundant wildflowers, ancient woodland and organic grazing for our organic herd of White Park Cattle. In the West Dorset hills, adjacent to Eggardon Hill Fort ( 5000 years old!), outstandingly evocative.

Relax around a BBQ / campfire and see through those summer evenings. OF COURSE Chesil Beach is around 4 miles away!

The Lodge at Haydon’s Hideaway

The lodge is built of oak with its own wind turbine in the spirit of eco and sustainability at its heart!

In the lodge there is a library, kitchen, a small shower room/loo and upstairs a 35ft bedroom with a very comfy double bed, sofas and tables. As well as a self contained log fire. Perfect for a couple to get away from the hubbub or if you need further beds, we can always arrange to suit.

Our Land

Our land is ideal for intimate gatherings, family get togethers or larger gatherings. Weddings, social events, corporate events, team building, filming, location shoots, getaways, survival camps and so many more. If you have thoughts let’s talk and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Haydon’s Hideaway is also ideal for the larger family or groups to spend time together, away from it all deep in the heart of the country. There is plenty of space for extensive tents, and around the lodge an intimate area of coppiced trees for spending time together around the fire. Or just enjoy the countryside with the sound of cows, horses, sheep, other wildlife and the breeze in ancient woodland. What a great getaway from it all. We’re happy to arrange all your shopping needs so everything is prepared for your arrival.

April to October

Haydon’s Hideaway is available between April to October. As well as the land we can arrange your food and drink (for the carnivores amongst you, maybe some of our own grass fed organic beef-reared on site).

Our nearest train stations are Dorchester, Yeovil and Maiden Newton. There is easy road access to the top of Haydon’s Hideaway where you can park your car, (if it is inappropriate to reach the bottom of Haydon’s hideaway). We are very happy to carry you and your belongings down to the hideaway in a suitable 4×4 should the urge to walk be absent! It’s about a mile through the fields to the hideaway.

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