Pitchcott Farm

Pitchcott Farm is located north of Aylesbury among 150 acres of rolling hills and countryside. The views (and in particular the sunsets) are spectacular. The Victorian five bedroom farmhouse overlooks a courtyard surrounded by stable buildings with many unique and period features. To the south of the courtyard there is a large and prominent horse chestnut tree in front of the stunning backdrop and views across Aylesbury Vale. To the west there is a large meadow that is suitable for camping and outdoor events. And there is a large (1000 sq m) barn that is ideal as a wet weather location for events and gatherings.

Our core focus and purpose at the farm is to help people reconnect to themselves and to nature. And in so doing we all help in the restoration of nature. A year ago we set up a shower for campers at the base of a crab apple tree inside one of the hedgerows. It has been a huge success for both people and nature. The campers loved it and the tree benefited from the increase in water and produced a bountiful crop of fruit. And new for 2023 at Pitchcott Farm is the Hedgerow Hut which we have built entirely from sustainable materials. It offers the ultimate immersion in nature, surrounded by the wildlife in the hedgerow and the beautiful views across the farm.

Your event at Pitchcott Farm

The farm is suitable for retreats, wellbeing workshops, corporate team events, weddings and filming, with spaces to gather, listen, play, create and relax.

You can hire the farm, to include the farmhouse, courtyard, barn, hedgerow hut and meadow. Or hire the meadow only, ideal for a private camping weekend where you have the field and facilities all to yourself.

Where possible we work with local suppliers and caterers, but you can also bring your own.

We also offer outdoor and nature-based mindfulness activities with opportunities to learn, heal and grow.

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