The Venue at Gayton

The Venue at Gayton is a tipi wedding and event venue. Giving you the flexibility to create the day of your dreams but without leaving you out on your own.

Our 120-seat tipi comes with access to this breath-taking site with three fishing lakes and rolling views of the beautiful Staffordshire countryside. You also get several additions, and ongoing support from our team of experienced outdoor event specialists.

You have free reign on what caterers you wish to work with. We also have corkage-free options to save you money on your drinks.

What’s included at The Venue at Gayton

We will provide you with:

  • Tipi with seating for 120 on long tables (space for 180 evening guests), Dance floor, internal lighting, fairy lights and coir matting throughout Festoon lighting
  • Luxury toilets that are so gorgeous you would not even know you were in a field.
  • Generator and distribution so that you have power for lighting, sound, caterers, bar or wherever else it is required.
  • Ongoing support, advice and recommendations throughout your planning process if you need it.
  • Onsite coordination from set up to take down to make sure that everything is where you expect it to be. And everything is ready when you arrive. 
  • We also make sure that the day itself runs smoothly. You will get at least two coordinators on the day. One, to make sure that timings are going as they should (E.g. The flowers are spritzed and that the champagne is chilled). The other, is to make sure that all of the practical elements are looked after. So, if there is a technical issue with the generator or toilets or the band have forgotten a particular type of cable, it can be resolved without you having to worry about it. 
  • There are a number of other items that we offer depending on which package you choose. So please visit our website or get in touch for more information.

Our flexibility also puts you in control of what you want your day to be.

Caterers at Gayton

We allow you to bring in whatever caterer you choose. So, if you have a particular style or cuisine you want, that’s not a problem. If you need any recommendations, we have worked with some amazing ones and can put you in touch. 

We pride ourselves on giving you the opportunity to have a day as unique as you are, without the stress and worry of pulling it all together. If you would like any more information or to discuss things further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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