Stretch & Tents innovative structures

Stretch & Tents innovative structures have become the affordable and aesthetic alternative to traditional marquees.

Stretch Tents are an innovative and attractive new design of marquees that have changed the landscape of events globally. With their breathtaking free flow design and flexibility to fit around any environment. Stretch Tents have become the must have event structure.

About Stretch & Tents innovative structures

Founded in 2010. Our director, Alex, first encountered stretch tents on a trip to South Africa. And was amazed at how versatile and eye catching they were. Fast-forward to today and Stretch & Tents are one of the biggest stretch tent and production providers in the UK. With over 8000 square metres of stretch tent to hire.

With a diverse range of rustic production, including Moroccan lanterns, salvaged props, lighting and vintage furniture up-cycled and personalised in-house. Stretch & Tents has the ability to cater to all your needs making your event experience unique.

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