Your Wedding Friend Event Planning

Your Wedding Friend event planning,  is with you from initial conception right through to the end of the event. Vikki will look after any aspect of your day that you need. With her Helping Hands service she can work together with you on an hour-by-hour basis as needed. So if you have a shorter project or have just hit a stumbling block along the way, she can help you out at any stage on a short or longer term contract. For full planning and co-ordination, she will identify your priorities and requirements and set a budget accordingly.

It’s Your Event

Your event should reflect you and your needs so Vikki will work together with you to find the best way forward that works for You. It’s your event!

Your Wedding Friend event planning Testimonial

“Good morning, Vikki! Thank you for everything you have done and you made my day special. You made such an effort in organising our day and the overall night”. Vendusa & Hashan

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